QUEERPORT Payment Link



You have been selected to participate in QUEERPORT 2019 at minicine? in Shreveport on Saturday, June 22.

You have expressed being a vendor in our Queerative Marketplace, sponsored by LEUR Magazine. This will be a 10x10 booth space and you will be in charge of your own table and tent. Chairs will be provided but are on a first come first serve basis. To set up in the Queerative Marketplace is $35.

To be transparent, we are asking our vendors to pay this fee for the expense of our security, space rental and travel fees for our Queerative Marketplace sponsor. We do not have any sponsors/sponsorships. This is 100% DIY. You keep 100% of your sales. Donations for Queerport will be an option at the door if people are interested in seeing more programming like this.