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Note To Self

I am a 31 year old first generation American of Lebanese origin. Despite being born in Louisiana, I spent 15 years of my formative life in Kuwait being exposed to a wide array of different cultures and way-of-living. I never felt like I belonged though, because I was the Arab with an American nationality, always being called out for being different. Then, to come back home and get treated as if I was "Cady Heron", with no true knowledge of how anyone lived in the US besides what I have gathered from watching Hollywood movies and world literature. 

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Southern Fried Queer Pride 2017

Southern Fried Queer Pride is a queer & trans people of color-led, arts festival and activist organization based in Atlanta, GA. Built on the backbones of MondoHomo, SFQP is a Southern echo of the Stonewall Riots for queer liberation. SFQP offers a platform for artists, activists, and community to expand Southern narratives of gender, race, sexuality, and politcal power.

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The Pack is Queer

A popular roller derby tee shirt reads, “Strong. Athletic. Queer.” It was designed by Cristen Perks, aka “Sandy Ravage,” of the Texas Rollergirls, the birthplace of the modern roller derby revival. Women’s sports (like men’s) have always included a number of queer people. But roller derby stands out, not solely because it is the only sport created by women in which the men’s version is the derivative. “It’s roller derby, and then men’s roller derby,” says Karen “Hippie HeadBangHer” Huff, a veteran skater for Red Stick Roller Derby, Baton Rouge’s only sanctioned league. The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), the international organization that preside over thousands of leagues worldwide, has also recently amended its by-laws with a gender-inclusive statement: 

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Queer Sphere 91.1 KLSU

Ever since I was blessed enough to stumble upon Just Daniel and the Queer Sphere on KLSU one rainy night drive home, I knew I wanted to give them the spotlight they deserved. A late-night radio show dedicated to playing queer artists and allies + all alike on public radio?! About, damn, time. 

Recently I reached out to Daniel and Mordecai to grab some coffee and talk Queer Sphere and it's impact on student radio, local community, as well as how the show has impacted their own lives and self-identity. 

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