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Brand New Me

Social Circle Frontman Matthew McElveen shares with us their stylish new song all about self-empowerment and total badassery. 

Photo by Brennon Fain provided by Social Circle

Photo by Brennon Fain provided by Social Circle


Social Circle is a 4 piece electronic pop band out of Lafayette, La.

The band made waves in 2016 with their self-titled EP, dropped a bomb in 2017 with their power-pop music video "Changes," and are now hitting 2018 with an EDM and dance-infused Sci-Fi-inspired hit called, "Brand New Me".

The band's knack for turning a negative experience–into a learning experience–into a dance hit, shines through exponentially in this new track. Crafting a cleverly relevant sound of electronic influences melded with live instrumentation, the song takes you through various moments of interconnectivity: from intimate and glitchy moments, to vast dance drops of aggressive synths, to blipping vocal samples, to dark chanting drum circles. All while telling a comic-book inspired story of self-empowerment and total badassery that ultimately involves creating and destroying a watered-down clone of yourself.

Photo by Brennon Fain provided by Social Circle

Photo by Brennon Fain provided by Social Circle


"As an openly gay recording artist and frontman, I try to write from my experiences in relationships and self-identity.

I've faced adversity enough to want to tell that story in a way that makes me feel like I've learned something and bettered myself with it. This song stems from that feeling you get in an unhealthy relationship where you're creating this new, fake, alternate version of yourself to fit with someone else and realizing in the end that that's not what you're meant to do and that you're capable of so much more. It's a story where you realize that you're the real badass here, not this version built for someone else, and you have the power to tear that down and come out on top." - Matthew


Social Circle includes frontman Matthew McElveen, female lead vocalist Jacqueline Davis, drummer Frank Castro, and bassist Gabe McCassey. The band will be celebrating the release of this hot hit at Bolt Bar & Patio in Lafayette, LA on Saturday, March 31st, in a special event with two high-status drag performers, Lafayette native Santana Pilar Andrews, and Baton Rouge's Millie Meringue, all joined by Lafayette and New Orleans' DJ Concourse.

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