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The Ultimate Vegan Snack Board Perfect For The Munchies

Photo by Scotty Chachere - Cultured Guru

Photo by Scotty Chachere - Cultured Guru

Some people curate art shows. Some people curate art exhibitions. Some people may even curate two bi-annual gay arts & culture magazines for the Southern LGBTQIA+ creative queer community ( lol ). Whatever it is that you curate, you are engaging in one of the most common creative outlets in our culture. 

Snack boards are the perfect representation of creative curating and collaboration.

They are comprised of diverse foods with their own identities, flavors, colors, textures and, most importantly, each item has their own unique set of benefits. 

Teamwork in collaborating truly does create the dreamwork in this vegan snack board recipe by our dear friends at Cultured Guru. 


Cultured Guru is an Educational Health & Wellness Brand and a Fermentation Company. Created and Operated by Microbiologist Kaitlynn Fenley and Photographer Scott Chachere II.


"The funnest thing about this snack board (besides being healthy) is that you can get REALLY creative with ingredients. Pick and choose which vegan cheeses you prefer and use whatever fruits and veggies are in season! Our favorite vegan cheeses are made by Chao and Follow Your Heart." - Kaitlynn Fenley


Below you can find their 30-min recipe for creating your own unique vegan charcuterie and cheese board. 

Photo by Scotty Chachere - Cultured Guru

Photo by Scotty Chachere - Cultured Guru


The Ultimate Vegan Snack Board

Takes 30 Minutes



  1. Mix the Cultured Guru Kimchi and the guacamole together.
  2. Place everything on a large wooden cutting board.
  3. Enjoy good times with friends and eat some gut healthy, planet friendly snacks!
Charles Champagne