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Black Girl Masculine presents: Queer Black Coffee

Documented by Founding Editor & Creative Director // Charles Champagne


Saturday March 17, 2018


Founder & Creative Director of Blackgirlmasculine // Tia Banks

CHARLIE : "What can you tell me about Queer Black Coffee?"

TIA : "So, Queer Black Coffee is a brand new traveling brunch event for LGBTQ+ identities of color to come and enjoy one another's company over good food, drinks and a good time. I take submissions for brunch spots across the nation and plan to go there to host these events, and to spread the word about Black Girl Masculine.

Black Girl Masculine is a safe space committed to centralizing the ideas, issues and artistic contributions of Queer, Black masculine identified women. We offer support and promotion of radical self care by creating places for us to gather to meet and be and celebrate ourselves. 

The heart of that place is where "Queer Black Coffee" was born. We're getting together at Olive or Twist on Saturday 2/17 to bring the LGBTQ+ family of Baton Rouge together for a good time! I'd love it if you joined us!"


T: "Black Girl Masculine is a dream for me. The young child in me is elated to finally manifest this project, and to connect with so many others like me. It’s exciting to engage with so many beautiful artists of color, and to have the support of so many of our allies.

Our Queer Black Coffee brunch in Baton Rouge filled my spirit with so much joy, and inspired my heart to keep doing the work of manifesting safe, tender spaces for Queer Black communities everywhere."




I have been fearful my entire life.
fearful of my dreams,
the potential of my mind,
the potency of my love.
I’ve been fearful.
am I good enough?
will anyone ever love me
half as much as I
always love everything?
will anyone else see me?
believe in my womanhood,
be thankful for the ways my curves hold
my masculinity..
am I fearful?
or has fear been taught to me?
a device this world uses
to keep Unicorns from creating.
how dare you?
how dare you treat me like I’m nothing,
then look me in my face and tell me that you love me.
I’m not fearful, anymore.
love is my best thing, my hands hold healing,
you can keep your hours and your days
because I live in between.
I aint got no daddy
my mama is the wind,
time doesn’t exist
and my family is chosen.
I am fearless.
a Queer, Black artist
tryin’ to create something new

so our kids don’t have it so hard.
compose a new melody,
a Queer Black woman’s recharge.

so be fearless.

be Queer.
be Black.
be woman.
or not.
be different.
fall in love.
lose the game.
go back and win it.
break up.
break down.
it’s okay that you’re hurting.
you ain’t gotta perform here.
BGM was created to wrap you up in your Queerness.
and your tears.
and your fears.
and your changes,
with your theres and your heres.
stay right here.
I got you.
I am no longer fearful.

- Tia Banks


TIA: "We’re preparing to release the all new Blackgirlmasculine.com to the world on April 15th, and we look forward to many more events in the future. We’re so thankful to John and Josh of Olive or Twist BR for hosting our event in their beautiful space, and to the LGBTQ+ community for their continuous support."

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