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Leur Making Moves

by : Founding Editor & Creative Director Charles Champagne


Sunday was a great milestone for me. 

Since the conception of Leur Magazine in 2016, I have always dreamt of the day this publication would be displayed inside of an art gallery.

As of Sunday, January 14, 2018, that dream has become a reality thanks to the Hall-Barnett Gallery in New Orleans.


Our relationship with the gallery started back in 2017 when I introduced myself to Holly during a round of soliciting in the French Quarter. She became interested in one of our contributors, James Kane, after seeing his work in Leur Magazine's issue 02. After a few more meetings, they decided to reach out to James to feature his work in their upcoming show, WTF. 


Since then, we have remained close with the gallery and established a close relationship with their team.

I woke up early Sunday morning to give myself enough time to hash out any anxiety I was having, and then got everything I needed to the car for our drive to NOLA. Upon my arrival, Mary helped me pick out a small little spot for the stacks and let me take my time settling in, while I snapped all of the iPhone photos.


As my anxiety started to take over, I just couldn't help but to cry and smile. I stood outside, watching people look through the pages of something, for which I had worked incredibly hard.

Smiles, were on all of their faces.

 And it felt good.

Charles Champagne