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Fine Art Photography series by Jesse Guillory

vestige-1 (1).jpg
diptych 1 (1).jpg

I photograph as a means of survival.

Sometimes I am the subject.

Other times I am the prop,

Sometimes I am both.


Whatever I am, my blackness lives close to death,

far away from femininity.

I am searching for me, fearlessly behind my lens,

on the surface of the image,

Guided by my history and the creative process.

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colorjesse (1).jpg
Vestigial_Web-3 (3).jpg
grid1Vestigial (1).jpg
Vestigial_Web-20 (1).jpg
Vestigial_Web-11 (2).jpg
Vestigial_Web-4 (2).jpg
grid2Vestigial (1).jpg
Vestigial_Web-18 (1).jpg
Vestigial_Web-19 (2).jpg
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