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Confidently Couture

In October of 2014, I moved out of my Spanish Town apartment and went home. I was unhappy, and I knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential or following my creative pursuits enough. Home was a place I could be grounded. Also, for me, home is my grandmother’s house. She’s a go-getter, a businesswoman and a creative in her own right. She also has a large sewing studio in her backyard (it’s called The Shop).

Being endlessly curious and also endlessly frustrated that I didn’t have direct access to the clothing brands I like, I asked her to teach me to sew. After a few pieces, I fell headfirst into it, exploring the endless possibilities. I quickly found that I didn’t like using patterns created by other people and that I’d have more freedom if I learned to create my own. So, I did. 

When Ashley Monaghan and Andi Eaton of the Southern Coalition of Fashion and Design (SCFD) asked me to show my clothes in the fall of 2015, I hurriedly made a website and a line was born. In fact, I owe a lot to those two girls for making my clothes a thing.

In January of 2016, I moved to Brooklyn. I realized I needed more of a challenge, and I knew New York would provide that. It hasn’t disappointed. But I’m in love with Brooklyn and its people, its food, its nightlife, its graffiti, its style.

Kritbodee Chaicharoen

Kritbodee Chaicharoen

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So now, I’m looking to develop clothes that would work for both Brooklynites and New Orleans folks alike. I want to make clothes without pretension, clothes that are affordable and effortlessly cool, clothes that are free enough that when a person wears them, their self-expression shines through. 

Clothes for me, are about that. They’re part of the person’s story, helping an individual reveal their whole self, elevating their self-expression if you will. When people are confident in what they wear and confident enough to shine their true selves outwardly, that's what it's all about, I think. That’s style, that’s fashion.

Being a part of the LGBT community, I think it’s important to create clothes that are unique, effortless and cool. We’ve struggled with a lot of things, but there are also a lot of tastemakers in our community. It was important for me to create things that spoke to both men and women, riding the line of the gender binary, and, in a way, rejecting it.

My clothes aren’t out-of-the-box creations. They’re simple pieces, basic essentials, made to be parts of a person’s story. But they’re for everyone.

Julie Garza

Julie Garza

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