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Photography Series by Fer Piña

Unrestrained” investigates masculine identity and vulnerability in young males. Exploring the opposite of a traditional man. This body of work, while specifically depicting males, is about going against what is established by society and getting rid of the gender stereotypes, making your own rules, and defining yourself without using social references that fail to define us.  My works want to see a world that is not limited, but is a place for spontaneous expression for individuals.



My main point was to show innocence and purity. I photograph young men and flowers to explore the ideas of masculinity and femininity.

It is meant to portray how standards of men in society does not normally allow these two forms to exist together, though if we look past social norms and have an open mind, there is no reason they cannot be associated.

justin .jpg


He is posing in a more traditional feminine pose according to what it is established by society.

Nick copy.jpg


If you happen to think why are these men in this feminine poses… that's exactly why I wanted to do this because, why not! Those are the stereotypes that are out there but that does not mean they are right or wrong.

pagina web.jpg


He is covering his face to show the vulnerability of young men.



I just wanted to cover the parts that biologically define the masculine gender.

vernell handss.jpg

Vernell hands.

This image was inspired by “The creation of Adam” by Michelangelo. Meaning that WE have the power to create ourselves and we are the directors of our life.