We can't change the world alone, but dammit we will try. 

Welcome to our "Go Fund Yourself" initiative. This initiative is one of the many call-to-actions put on by us here at LEURMagazine, an LGBTQIA+ Arts & Culture magazine based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This fundraiser aims to raise funds for the future production and development of Leur as a creative queer brand here in the South.

We are in the hopes of raising $7,000 in order to produce our upcoming biannual issues 04 and 05. Two-thirds of the funding will go to printing, where as the rest will be put toward providing production materials for our biggest annual event, ArtsFest.

The impact of this fundraiser is providing validation, affirmation, and motivation for our local queer creative communities here in the South. Most people assume the queer community here in the Southern United States are quiet and live in the shadows, where in reality our local queer communities continue to thrive everyday. 


As someone who has spent the past five years working multiple part-time and full-time jobs in order to support LEUR, it is always comforting to know that I have a community to lean on when I need support and motivation. In the queer creative community, is where I feel the most at home. Every experience of universal self-affirmation and validation has been during moments where I was involved in something LEUR related. 


Thank you to everyone who donated! Perks will he shipped in two weeks.