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How do I submit my work?

Below you will find information and frequently asked questions about our submission process here at LEUR Magazine. 

Whether you are a photographer, painter, ceramics artists, mixed-media guru or even a small-town musician, we want to share your work. Each issue not only aims to show the diversity in our queer community, but also the diverse mediums we use to express ourselves in order tell our own stories in our own unique way. Some artists use their own journey at the forefront of their art, whereas some of them may use their talents to help capture stories of others all around us. 


LEUR exists to document and curate the Southern Queer experience through art, creativity, and community collaboration.


Categories for submissions may include but ARE NOT LIMITED TO :

creative writing, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, illustration, digital art, photography, narratives & essays, mixed-media, ceramic art, sculpture, experimental art, digital art, performance art, videography, as well as custom pitches and proposals are accepted.

Please have all written submissions peer-reviewed before submission. If you are looking to submit your portfolio, please send all items to charlie@leurmagazine.com including your Artist's Statement. 


Is there a word limit to written submissions? 

No, we accept all lengths of written works as well as all creative and professional styles of writing. 

Do all submissions have to be queer-influenced?

Yes, and No. Leur Magazine is an art and culture magazine focused on queer identity and self-expression. We support all LGBTQIA+ artists that both use their sexuality at the forefront of their artwork, and those who identify on the spectrum, but have other direct themes and points of focus in their artworks. 

Do contributors get compensation for their published entries?

At the moment we are unable to pay contributors until we meet our advertising and production costs, but all contributors receive a free issue. Thank you for understanding. 

Do all contributing artists have to be from the South?

No. Even though we exist to publish and mentor Southern queer artists, it is through talents both outside and inside of our community that help us broaden our skillsets and aesthetics. 

Why print? Why not just focus on digital?

We believe in the quality of art. With our inte on only providing two printed ( and digital ) issues a year, quality over quantity is key. We want to deliver a polished and uniform product to our audience in order to evoke a sense of professionalism and maturity that some may not expect from the Southern creative queer community. At the same time, we are continuing to work on ways to grow and develop a strong digital presence to compliment our printed publication. 

Do you only publish art & culture?

Yes, we are an arts & culture magazine. Our social media and digital platforms will be more tailored to timely news, and current events. You can also get a general idea of the style of content we are looking for by viewing the shared stories from other LGBTQIA+ national magazines on our Facebook page

Are you hiring or have any internships available?

Unfortunately we do not have any positions for hire, nor do we have any internships. We are currently only available to host and accept volunteer-based support. If you or someone you know would be interested in helping out in any way, please have them email charlie@leurmagazine.com


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