here you will find opportunities to collaborate with our team and local community members on upcoming projects and initiatives


–– Documenting and curating the Southern Queer experience through art, creativity, and community collaboration.


Current Open Calls and Intentions for 2019:

  1. The Queerative Market - Spring 2019

We are always looking for queer artists, makers, crafters, and creators beyond to participate in LEUR Magazine’s Southern Queer Arts Market.

Whether you are a ceramics artist, print-maker, photographer, clothing designer, wood-worker, pin-maker, patch master, or even a zine enthusiast, we want you at our market! Our intention for this market is to provide a safe-space for all Southern queer creatives alike to come together and share their artworks with our local LGBTQIA+ and greater Baton Rouge community.


If you are interested in being a part of this event, please fill out the form below:

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2. CRAWDADDY - Details Coming Soon

Louisiana LGBTQIA+ Crawfish Boil, Costume Contest, and Dance Party!


3. LEUR Issue 05 - Summer 2019

Primary Themes of Interest : Queer Carnival & Southern Queer Magic

Our intentions for these themes of exploration are to learn more about the queer history of Louisiana Mardi Gras and how LGBTQIA+ folk have used Carnival as a creative way to express themselves and their identity. There is something magical about queer expression. Some may even say that queer people possess a special kind of magic that can change the world.


If you are an artist who would like to submit any artworks or projects in relation to the following themes, please feel free to contact me via email. / charlie@leurmagazine.com

Issue 04 Mock-Up

Issue 04 Mock-Up


4. Baton Rouge PRIDE Festival - JUNE 2019

Join LEUR as we host and produce a partnering arts festival during Baton Rouge PRIDEFEST.

Our intentions for the 2019 arts festival are to provide a diverse set of artworks, creators, aesthetics, and talents in order to illustrate the diversity and creativity in our local LGBTQIA+ community.

Pride Baton Rouge_2013color-RGB-reg sheet.jpg

For inquiries and collaboration pitches, please contact charlie@leurmagazine.com