Artist Payment and Approval Form


Important Things To Know Before Completing This Form:


When is the event?

Saturday, June 15, 2019 at the Raising Canes River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana from 12pm-7pm.

What do my table and booth fees cover?

Your table and booth fees cover your reserved space, your table and chairs, as well as any other arranged display materials arrange prior with the LEUR or BR PRIDE team.

When can I setup my table/booth?

We will have tables and booth space setup by 9:30am. You are welcome to arrive any time after that to setup and we can arrange a slightly earlier time if needed. We do request that you have everything in place before 11:30am. This way you are ready to greet guests when the event officially begins at 12:00pm. The doors will be open to the public at 11:30am.

Where can I park to unload the day of PRIDE Festival?

You will be allowed to pull into the unloading area near the box office ( or the loading dock, if you arrange ahead of time ). you will not be allowed to park in that area for any length of time. Parking is available on nearby streets or in the River Center parking garages. Please note that the City-Parish government – Not BR PRIDE – will be charging $5 event parking rates for the River Center parking garages. Please note that the garages are cash only.

What comes with the table or booth?

All tables will be covered with plastic table covers, but you’re welcome to bring your own and replace that one. You will be required to bring in your own display materials. BR PRIDE and LEUR will only be supplying tables, chairs, and other small setup materials. Other arrangements can be made, just email Charlie@leurmagazine.com if you have any questions about your setup and display.

What can I attach to the table or booth?

You may attach anything to the front of your tables. Remember that you are not allowed to mount anything to walls or partitions in the River Center or to use any materials that will damage surfaces or leave permanent marks. You are allowed to bring in your own setups that may include panels, hangers, racks, etc. As long as these display materials are contained and properly secured. Charlie will work with all participating artists to make sure all setups are approved.

How does the electrical service work?

For those of you who paid for electrical services, the River Center will provide a live hookup for you, but you will need to supply your own extension cords and plug bars. For others, keep in mind that if you did not request electrical service in advance and make the payment charged by the River Center, you will not have access.

Can I bring in or sell any food or beverages?

No food or beverages may be sold during this event. Our contact with the River Center allows only the River Center to provide food and beverages to attendees.

How about fun things like Glitter and Confetti?

Sorry, but No Glitter or Confetti may be used. As subject to our contact with SMG any use of glitter and confetti is banned within the River Center. Anyone using or distributing these items at their table or booth may be asked to leave.

How long do I have to stay?

The Arts Festival runs from 11:30am to 7:00pm. You are required to say the entire festival period unless other personal arrangements are made. Things may change based on festival attendance.

How much can I bring in?

Except for those of you with booths and custom arrangements, everything you bring must fit on the top of your table within your assigned area. ( We must keep aisles clear to satisfy fire marshal regulations, so this rule must be strictly enforced ). If you intend to put something on the floor, plan to remove your chairs and place any banner stands or other materials against the back of your tables. We will make sure all setup and displays are approved, to avoid any violations with the Fire Department.


Artist Table and Booth Fees

6ft. Table + 2 chairs = $25

8ft. table + 2 chairs = $50

6ft. Table + 2 chairs + display panel = $75

8ft. Table + 2 chairs + display panel = $100

*Electrical Use of Power Outlets = $85

*Deadline for Payment is June 01*